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Our Training Services

Our Training Services

Often, training for new employees or those that are moved to new positions is disorganized or simply passed on as second-hand knowledge. Details in instrument operation or routine maintenance get lost when passed on in this manner. The result is lost time while errors are tracked and analytical work repeated. In the worst case, an instrument may be damaged when critical information is not passed on. So how can you keep this from happening in your lab?

Our Training Services

TVSS has a knowledgeable staff that can help with the training needs for your analytical instruments. We can help fill the gaps in your employee knowledge base for your instruments. We all realize that training is important, but having a competent source for instrument training is not always easy to develop in-house. Could we help provide the expertise needed to fully train your analysts in instrument operation?

Training can also put the “routine” back into routine maintenance to keep your systems running consistently. Is that leak significant? Did that sound “normal” to you? Why did my peak shape change? Minor issues can be indicators of major problems that are developing. Know when to stop using a system before an OOS is generated. TVSS can provide the training your operators need to consistently produce high-quality data.

Do you have an in-house maintenance team? We can also provide training for the personnel involved in the triage of the instruments on a daily basis. Small leaks, overtightened fittings, and inadequate maintenance all end as non-functioning instruments. Training your maintenance staff can significantly increase your productivity by eliminating small problems before they shut down an analytical system. Our years of experience mean we have the knowledge to pass along that will speed troubleshooting and minimize maintenance costs.

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