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Maintain & Repair

TVSS offers different levels of service to meet your specific need.  We start with the basic repair need when an instrument breaks. The goal is to get you running quickly to minimize down-time.    

What is the cost of an OOS investigation when your instrument fails? What is the true cost of lost productivity when an instrument is out of service? Maintenance is an investment that many of our customers have found will minimize down-time on their instruments. Allow us to help increase your lab’s productivity.

Maintain and Repair

On-Site Services

Personalized, on-site instrument work is our signature service. Whether it is an instrument repair or the development of a specific method, all work is performed under your supervision and with the option to ask questions and gather information as we work. While these are the most expensive services we provide, each customer receives individualized attention until that service is completed. As with all our work, we back it with a 90-day guarantee that covers all parts, labor and travel should something not be resolved entirely.

Performance Maintenance (PM) Services:

This is a part of our on-site services. PM services are designed to test the system prior to any work being performed, which will indicate if any repairs are required during the PM or if routine wear parts are all that are needed. Both Agilent recommends this service at least annually. At TVSS, we recommend this service every 6 months for all instruments that are routinely used. When properly performed, PM services will result in more consistent results with less downtime from your instruments.

Bench Repair Services:

TVSS provides a bench repair service for diagnosing and repairing modular instrument components at our facility in Huntsville, AL. This is an economical service method for repairing any module that can be shipped to our facilities. This is most commonly used for HPLC modules and GC autosampler components; however, we can accommodate most any instrument a customer desires to ship. All work is done just as if we provided the service at your site, but with major cost savings. Shipping charges are generally much less costly than travel charges to service the module at your site. This provides an economical alternative to those customers that are budget conscious. As with the on-site services, all work is backed by our 90-day warranty.

Phone Support Service:

Many times, a simple question needs to be answered to bring an instrument back into operation. For many laboratories, the need for fast access to information is restricted by charges imposed by service providers for phone support. TVSS takes pleasure in providing this service to our customers free of charge. We ask that you not abuse the privilege but provide standard troubleshooting information to all our customers. We can also provide in-depth phone support for very reasonable rates to those with in-house service personnel.

Instrument Refurbishing:

Sometimes, an instrument has more wear than a simple repair will correct. If continual breakdowns plague you, the answer may be a total overhaul of the instrument. Many times, a total overhaul will be more cost-effective than replacing the instrument. Established methods require no revision, existing software works seamlessly with the equipment, and your existing spare parts stock continues to be of value. We can take your instrument and return it to like-new condition in less time than it takes to order, receive and install a new instrument. This service is performed at our facility in Huntsville, AL, where we have the parts and test equipment needed to return the instrument to factory-fresh performance. We are happy to provide a free consultation for any instrument needing this service.


Has your GC/MS been declared obsolete? Manufacturers continually drop coverage on older equipment to push Customers toward new equipment purchases. However, much of that older equipment works well and could continue to be used if appropriately maintained. Limitations come when you cannot replace that old Windows 2000 computer.  Would you like to know your options before spending money on a new system? Some of the older equipment can be upgraded by taking advantage of newer parts compatible with these systems. We are happy to talk with you about the options available for your system.

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