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Sampling Systems Support

Sampling systems are essential to any chromatographic system. To analyze anything, the sample must first be introduced into the chromatograph. While this sounds elementary, samplers are often overlooked as a trouble source in the system. Sampling systems may inject liquid or gas samples, depending on the type of system being used.

Liquid Samplers for GC

Liquid samplers have evolved from quirky, specialized add-ons to essential pieces of laboratory equipment. For the Agilent GC, the most common sampler is the Agilent injection tower and tray. These range from the 7673 on a 5890 to the 7693 found on the 7890 and newer GC systems.  Repair of these liquid samplers is based on parts availability from Agilent Technologies.

The older 7673 series of samplers can be repaired either at your location or shipped to our Huntsville location. Parts availability is still good for these injectors and trays, but costs are beginning to increase as the parts become less available. If you have one of these older samplers, please contact us about the possibility of repair.

The 7683 series of samplers are not considered “field repairable.” Agilent does not sell parts for these samplers, requiring that all injectors be returned to Agilent for bench repair.  

The new 7693 sampling systems do have parts available for field repair at your location or for repair at our Huntsville facility. These samplers are the next generation and take advantage of newer technology.

Another injection system is the CTC or LEAP sampler. These units combine the ability to use liquid injections, headspace injections or other techniques such as SPME into one unit. 

TVSS supports the CTC/LEAP samplers, providing both PM and repair services. There are several normal wear parts that require maintenance, but overall these samplers have proved to be very solid performers.  

Headspace samplers are yet another type of injection system. The CTC sampler is capable of providing this technique as part of the liquid sampling system. However, specialized headspace samplers are also very common.

TVSS can service the full line of Agilent headspace samplers, starting with the 7694. These samplers are slowly being replaced, as software and compliance issues make them obsolete. However, for applications where compliance is not required, these samplers are solid workhorses. TVSS can provide either on-site service or bench repair services on these samplers should you decide to ship it to our facility in Huntsville.

More common today is the G1888A headspace. This sampler is software controlled and provides the needed compliance with FDA and cGMP regulations. TVSS supports this sampler at your site. While it could be shipped to our Huntsville facility for repair, the size and weight make shipping difficult.  

Agilent’s newest headspace sampler is the 7697A. This sampler is EPC controlled and can easily integrate with the GC inlet. As with the G1888A, this sampler is supported at your site due to its size and weight.

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