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Instrument Planning and Purchasing

Instrument Planning and Purchasing

TVSS is not an instrument reseller or supplier. Our primary purpose is to provide the highest quality instrument service available. Because of this, we can be objective in our recommendations for instrument purchases. Everyone likes new equipment, but nobody likes the bill that comes with a poorly planned purchase. Before purchasing an instrument, several questions need to be answered:

  • Does an instrument need to be replaced?

  • Would it be more cost-effective to purchase a new, refurbished, or used instrument?  

  • How would that instrument integrate into the present lab data system?

  • Would we need additional utilities for the new instrument?

  • Is the new instrument a direct replacement for the present instrument?  

  • What else will be required with the new instrument – samplers, software licenses, or something else? 

If all these questions begin to sound overwhelming, you have come to the right place. Having assisted in several lab upgrades and seen the effects of poorly planned purchases, we can pass that knowledge along, so your lab avoids the pitfalls of unasked questions.  

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