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Frequently Asked Questions

In choosing a company to support your instruments, there are normally questions that need to be answered. Hopefully, you can find some of those answers here.

  • Does TVSS provide a warranty on their services?
    While most service providers only have a 30-day warranty, TVSS has a full 90-day warranty on everything we do. We stand behind our service with one of the best warranties in the business covering parts, labor and travel should one of our services not meet your standards.
  • Are you an authorized Agilent or Waters service provider?
    No. We are not authorized or associated with the instrument manufacturers in any way. Being independent means we can provide you with the best fit for your service needs.
  • What is the normal response time to respond to our request?
    Our goal is to have your instrument running within 72 hours of any service request. Most requests are handled within 48 hours of your call. Maintaining our own parts stock means we do not wait on parts shipments or get delayed by backordered parts.
  • Do you sell instruments?
    We do not sell either instruments or parts. This was a choice we made many years ago. Our focus is on providing the highest quality service possible to our Customers. When sales are combined with service, questions always arise about the ethics of what is being provided. You can be assured that we are focused on meeting your need without trying to sell you something you do not need.
  • Where do you get your parts?
    We hear this question from many Customers. The hard parts for any instrument must come from the manufacturer. However, there are more aftermarket suppliers of consumables and “wear parts” than most people realize. We have screened many aftermarket suppliers and found only 2 that meet our standards. Those aftermarket suppliers are Sciencix and Restek.
  • We need another instrument. Can you recommend a source?
    Yes, we can. We have sources available for new, used or refurbished instruments. We can help with the decision of what to buy and from where. Since we do not sell instruments, our motivation is to find the best fit for your lab, not what we make a profit by selling.
  • How long have you been in business?
    TVSS is now going into our 14th year as a service provider. During that time, we have been privileged to support instruments for several major corporations and many small labs. We treat each service request the same, regardless of the lab’s size. We realize there are other service providers available and are honored that many labs have chosen to allow us to help with their instrument needs.
  • Why should we choose TVSS instead of the instrument manufacturer?
    While this may sound like a strange question, it is very common. One of the easiest answers is price. We strive to provide our services at least 20% below the cost of the manufacturer. This ranges from hourly labor charges to our service contract costs. The second reason is our focus. We are focused on your needs, not the corporate bottom line.
  • Does TVSS advertise? We have never heard of you before.
    TVSS does not advertise. All of our business has originated by one Customer telling another about our services. It is an unusual concept, but we believe that if we provide exceptional service, word will get around. For the past 14 years, that has been true.
  • What is your service area?
    We are based in Huntsville, Alabama and cover most of the Southeast. Alabama, Tennessee, Mississippi and Georgia are our normal service areas. Florida, Louisiana and the Carolinas have also been serviced by TVSS at times.
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