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About Tennessee Valley Scientific Support

Tennessee Valley Scientific Support, LLC was formed in 2005 to provide a customer-focused alternative for the service and repair of analytical chromatographic instruments. We are a small, Christ-centered business whose goal is to provide your company with high-quality, personalized service.


Based in Huntsville, Alabama, our primary service area covers Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee, and Georgia. We are experienced and trained in Agilent Gas and Liquid Chromatographic Instruments, and Agilent Mass Spec Instruments. Most service work can be handled within 72 hours of the request, and a full 90-day warranty covers everything. We are committed to your total satisfaction with our services, as demonstrated by our best-in-industry warranty on every service we provide.


We maintain a fully stocked warehouse which allows us to complete most repairs without waiting on the delivery of needed parts. Completing the repair on our first visit saves you money by quickly getting your instrument back in use. Instrument downtime quickly translates to lost revenue in any production environment. Experienced troubleshooting and ready parts availability result in fast, efficient repairs that keep your lab productive.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the highest quality service possible to our Customers. You hear those words from many businesses, but ours comes from a different perspective. Most businesses are motivated by profit, prestige, or power. Our motivation is from being a Christ-centered business that tries to demonstrate God’s principles in everything we do. Are we always successful in that? Probably not. However, we continually work toward that goal.

TVSS was started after much time in prayer and seeking what God wanted from us. We didn’t start the business with a profit motive but a family motive. Having a business of our own meant not moving the family while our children were both in high school. That gave stability to their lives in what can be a very turbulent time. God proved time and time again that we were following Him by what happened through the business and in the stability of our family.

Even though our mission is to provide high-quality service, our goal is to represent Christ to our Customers. We are not trying to promote a religion but desire to spark an interest in you about Christ. Why do we believe? How does it change our lives? It is a story we would love to share with those that have an interest.

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