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Lab Relocation

Relocation Services

Lab Relocation

Moving a lab can be a daunting task. All this equipment to pack, stuff in the drawers, what to do with the instruments at the new lab, is the new lab even ready to plug the instruments into the utilities? To top things off, everything in the lab is qualified or validated. Once it is moved, each piece has to go through the IQ, OQ/PV, or some other verification. Where do you start? 

Why not start with an assessment of the equipment and the new facility? Moving chromatographic equipment is not just “putting it on a truck,” but must be planned and coordinated to be successful. Do you have the necessary amount of power in the new facility? What will be the HVAC load when the instruments are installed? What about gases and other utilities required by the instruments? Let’s start by looking at the new location and work backward. Having moved equipment for several major pharmaceutical companies, we have experience doing it right the first time.  

Do we provide moving services for everything in the lab? The short answer is no. No company can be an expert at moving every instrument and piece of equipment in the modern laboratory. However, we are experienced in moving chromatographic and some other equipment. We can help organize the equipment for moving and recommend sources for help with the equipment we do not service. Call us to discuss your needs or ask for an estimate on the cost of moving your equipment.

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