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Gas Line Installation 

Gas Line Installation

Over the years, gas supply lines for your instruments get modified, changed, bent, and damaged just from normal instrument movement and addition. The end result is leaking, which can be very expensive for gases like helium, or dangerous for gases like hydrogen. Then comes the time for maintenance on one GC and you must shut down all your GC’s because there are no shut-off valves for the instrument requiring maintenance. Does this sound familiar in your lab?

TVSS has been providing customized gas line installations for gas chromatographic systems for the past 7 years. We now have a standardized installation using components from Swagelok. Typically, lines are installed on the wall behind the GC and have shut-off valves for each instrument so it can be isolated for service without affecting the other instruments on the system. Each installation is customized to meet your specific needs and can include automatic switching valves between gas generators and supply cylinders so there is a continual backup should a generator fail.

What if you want to add an instrument? The systems are designed for expansion and flexibility for years of trouble-free use. If an instrument is removed, then what? Simply shut the valves for that instrument and cap the fittings. No need to interrupt what is being analyzed on the other instruments in the system. If you are constantly running out of gas, how about an automatic switching valve between tanks? Simply change out the empty tank and never interrupt an analysis.

Below are pictures of our most recent installation showing the gas supply room and feeds to four GCs. If you would like to clean up the normal “rat’s nest” of cables and gas lines in your GC lab, don't hesitate to get in touch with us. We would be happy to design a custom system to meet your exact needs and budget.

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