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Tennessee Valley Scientific Support, LLC

Providing service for Agilent GC, HPLC,

and GCMS Instruments

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About Us

Tennessee Valley Scientific Support, LLC was formed in 2005 to provide a customer-focused alternative for the service and repair of analytical chromatographic instruments. We are a small, Christ-centered business whose goal is to provide your company with high-quality, personalized service.

Service is provided through several methods, allowing you to choose the best option to meet your specific needs. We offer an entire range of services, from simple questions and answers to complete instrument refurbishment.

On-Site Services

This is our signature service. We strive to provide the highest quality service to meet your needs. These services are provided at your site on your equipment.  Whether it is an instrument repair or the development of a specific method, all work is performed under your supervision and with the option to ask questions and gather information as we perform the service. While these are the most expensive services we provide, each customer receives individualized attention until that service is completed.

Maintain & Repair

Repairs never come at a convenient time. Deadlines and sample load always seem to be at their worst when a failure occurs. What if you could minimize those failures? We would be happy to discuss the maintenance possibilities to help minimize your downtime and failure rate. 

Compliance Services

All the guidelines that specify how to make an instrument “compliant” can be confusing. FDA, DEA, ISO, EU, cGMP – all use terms and specifications that can leave you wondering how vulnerable you would be in an audit. Would you like some help sorting out the instrumentation end of these guidelines? 


We can provide customized, on-site training for one person or your entire lab. Having provided training for a major chemical manufacturer, we know how to customize the training to meet your exact needs. “We struggle with routine maintenance on our instruments,” - we can help with that. 

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